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Measure what others think and feel of the hypotheses in question

What is a Likert scale? How do you analyze Likert scale data?

A Likert scale consists of a question (or statement) and a set of answer options that respondents can use. When used in questionnaires, it helps scale responses in surveys. The answers are related one to another in the form of an interval. The most common ones scale the levels of agreement or satisfaction towards the statement.

Use 123FormBuilder to type in your Likert scale questions and answer in an online questionnaire. Just sign up for an account and start measuring perceptions and feelings in your survey. Not only can you collect accurate feedback, but you can also rely on the right method.

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Likert scale questionnaires: What’s in it for you?
  • A simple Likert Scale Questionnaire tool to rule them all
    Find your preferred scale and start running your online survey. Add the first statement or question, then duplicate it and edit further.
  • Unlimited Likert scale questions for the right price
    Use our free survey maker to build up to 3 Likert scale questions with simple drag & drop. If you need more, upgrade your account for unlimited Likert scale power. Skyrocket your survey into space and follow your insights through the stars.
  • Measure sentiments or behavior with a greater degree of nuance
    Give your respondents a rating scale that fits their opinions on the subject. No other field type does it better.
  • Turn the tides of bad data with invaluable insights
    The use of Likert scales in surveys results in more accurate statistics. And where there are numbers to view, 123FormBuilder can channel them in custom charts & graphs.

Examples of where you can apply your Likert scale questions:

New product surveys
New product
Do you have a new product to launch? Why don't you use a questionnaire to study its impact on your customer base? With 123FormBuilder, you can run your market research with Likert scale questionnaires that are mobile-responsive and capture accurate feedback data. When it comes to evaluating new products, you can use degrees of quality, satisfaction, and importance in your Likert scales.
Post-event evaluations
Planning events is hard work. And it doesn’t end with the last guest leaving. Whether you organize social events or professional training courses, you need to gather precise audience feedback. Find out what went well, to replicate it at future events, and change what wasn’t appreciated by attendees. As an extra tip, please note that event management works best with a limited number of questions.
Employee engagement surveys
Employee engagement
Likert scale questions, when used in questionnaires, help leverage performance reviews and job satisfaction surveys. Find out if your team feels fulfilled with their work, if they take pride in working with you, and if they would recommend the company. Easily engage your staff and generate in-depth insights that you can work with.
Customer service surveys
Customer service
Deliver the best customer service experience with the right data set at hand. To begin with, create a questionnaire with a few Likert scale questions that your customers may fill in about your agents. Next, aggregate the responses in some charts for the best overview. Nothing tells a customer that you care more than asking the right questions in the right way. Good Likert scale questions nurture long term loyalty and reinforce your brand. So, choose any of the degrees that apply to your Likert scales: agreement, quality, satisfaction, probability, and quality.
Sociological & psychological research
Sociological & psychological
Build a score for each respondent, no matter the type of questionnaire you are running. As long as you're using Likert scale items, you're closer to unveiling accurate personality traits or behaviors from your subjects. And with 123FormBuilder, you can do it easily. How? By building questionnaires with your custom Likert scale questions.

Neat things to do with our Likert scale survey maker:
  • Enable conditional logic to show/hide form fields based on user choices
  • Change the alignment and disposition of answers
  • Randomize statements
  • Add more than 5 pre-coded answers per question
  • Change the overall appearance of your survey

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