Mission & Values

123FormBuilder is an online platform that helps individuals and businesses create forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls online, without requiring coding skills.



The foundation of our company was our approach to customer success. Even in the early stages, our 4th & 5th employees were customer success specialists. In so many years, we never outsourced this team.

Having a friendly attitude and going the extra mile are key ingredients for members of our customer care team.



Everything we do here at 123FormBuilder, is done with passion. We are passionate about our work and we are passionate about having fun, while developing a high quality product.

As passion produces excellence, we are positive that our people have the power to change the world, one form at a time.



We know how hard it is to build trust, and how it’s even harder to maintain it, that’s why our company treats everyone with respect and transparency, from our employees to our stakeholders.

We strive to build long lasting relations, to keep our promises and integrity in order to be successful together.

Our History


Our team

Florin Cornianu

Florin Cornianu

Co - Founder and CEO
Tudor Bastea

Tudor Bastea

Co - Founder and Board Advisor
Adrian Gheara

Adrian Gheara

Shareholder & Board Advisor
Marius Ghenea

Marius Ghenea

Investor & Board Advisor
Radu Ticiu

Radu Ticiu

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Adam Natalia
Natalia A.
Ardelean Laura
Laura A.
Baleanu Gabriela
Gabriela B.
Baloleanu Andrei
Andrei B.
Baran Emanuel
Emanuel B.
Blaga Bogdan
Bogdan B.
Bogdan Cristina
Cristina B.
Borosoiu Deian
Deian B.
Bota Georgiana
Georgiana B.
Bucurenciu Irina
Irina B.
Bus Mihaela
Mihaela B.
Cazac Anca
Anca C.
Chiriac Adrian
Adrian C.
Cislariu Dragos
Dragos C.
Cufteac Alexandra
Alexandra C.
Curelariu Oana
Oana C.
Draghici Alexandra
Alexandra D.
Dragu Andrei
Andrei D.
Drexler Octavia
Octavia D.
Drozdek Simina
Simina D.
Erk Oscar
Oscar E.
Farcas Valentin
Valentin F.
Francu Petrisor
Petrisor F.
Gherca Alexandru
Alexandru G.
Girjan Oana
Oana G.
Giurgiu Simona
Simona G.
Glitia Ioana Rebeca
Ioana G.
Grecu Dorina
Dorina G.
Haibach Alexandru
Alexandru H.
Istrate Andrei
Andrei I.
Kulik Karina
Karina K.
Kulik Karla
Karla K.
Micle Nicolae
Nicolae M.
Mogosanu Paula
Paula M.
Molnar Raul
Raul M.
Muntean Rafael
Rafael M.
Musteata Valeriu
Valeriu M.
Nebunu Cristian
Cristian N.
Pacurar Bogdan
Bogdan P.
Paidola Diana
Diana P.
Patrascu Luci
Luci P.
Petrica Cristina
Cristina P.
Popescu Corina
Corina P.
Radosavlevici Marko
Marko R.
Radu George
George R.
Raischi Vlad
Vlad R.
Rosca Laurentiu
Laurentiu R.
Samoila Oana
Oana S.
Sandru Andrei
Andrei S.
Savescu Nick
Nick S.
Simu Diana
Diana S.
Stanciu Adrian
Adrian S.
Stoica Olivian
Olivian S.
Stoicuta Alexandru
Alexandru S.
Tabuica Daira
Daira T.
Trimarchi Davide
Davide T.
Unguras Julia
Julia U.
Vlad Milena
Milena V.
Vornicu Adrian
Adrian V.
Zaharia Constantin
Constantin Z.
Zigrea Bogdan
Bogdan Z.
Zlavog Chris
Chris Z.